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- Tell me where. - Igorek began to play in complete indifference, probably remembering very conveniently that all women are fools Nina was not at home, my plan for a visit collapsed. Calling her home on Igor's cell phone, I learned from a polite answering machine that Nina would be back late today and it would be better to look for her tomorrow. Which we will do. - What are you doing all over the city? I asked Igorka with slight indignation. “I told you an hour ago that we were going to Radishchevo!” He only tightened his lips and, since his hands were busy with the steering wheel, it seemed that he began to beat out marches with his right foot. Of course, I do not approve of this, but we drove at a too strange pace. You need to stop irritating him, otherwise with such a mood you can easily slip on the curb and flatten your nose to the Folks.


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