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Urbn Array was created by Gabrielle Matthews to cater to individuals who choose to be themselves unapologetically even within their struggles. Fashion has helped me to break out of my bubble and interact within the world as myself oppose to what people expected. Clothing has been my one true outlet to fully express myself. I choose fashion pieces that bring me comfort, display my personality and that give me pure unadulterated joy. Fashion is freeing and gives me continued confidence. My clothing choices must speak to me--giving me that knowing feeling that wearing this item is an expression of who I am.

When you are shopping at Urbn Array, I want you to feel the expression I have presented--confident, free, and expressive. I want Urbn Array to become your go store for purchasing outfits in the genre of your choice, causing you to dominate and excel in any setting; but more importantly I want my boutique to help build confidence, self-esteem and the power to execute it well.


Urbn Array is a small black woman owned business with an impressive display of fashion incorporated from the best of both worlds Modern and Vintage. We offer an array of new and used items for men and woman. Urbn Array items show an eclectic array of fashion that will speak to your style; but also express your individuality

I hope you find perfect items that speak to you and make a great addition to your closet!

-xoxo Gabe

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